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I’m suprised that I won a seat into $25k Sniper [Saturday], was card dead a bit in the end and slightly went up with chips.

When it was final table I was last place but waiting for hands and finally got a hand so I can going up.

When it was only 3 players left I push all in every time but won all of them lol, didn’t expect that would happend.

It was a nice game.

A while ago after this tournament start I also came 6th place in Scandinavia $100 Freeroll in FTP and won $5 , quite happy about that.

Also I came 5th place in private games and won $2 in UB but lose that $2 very quickly in a tourney that start 19.30 ET in UB, didn’t actually play much.

The Result for todays UB Facebook FR

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    Blackbird aka Alexander Sandell