Get some sleep, no more fish on the table. Poker is everything.

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I have been playing Poker all nights, getting ready to sleep so I can prepare for another run.
I had many downswings toward cash games but have recently been doing good with MTT so I will continue on it.
I will try usually stuff with trying to satellites for my games.

Nobody is perfect, everyone need sleep.

I will try schedule up some MTT & SNG games on Poker later!
It will also be some Mahjong.

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My Every Day Life is always ending up less interesting, but I still looking for more interesting stuffs in my life but have not yet find it, reading manga & watching anime is just something original and normal for otaku. 
My ordinary life is sleep, eating, poker, reading and etc.
Nothing much really happens, the world is too peaceful.
There is not supernatural stuff like magic & ESP ability that exists just in fictions.
Well, it’s probably not just open for the public.

I guess this is the end of article, hoping you enjoy reading!!
See you again and please subscribe to my blog.

1st place $909.87 $5k GTD (Pokerstars)

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PokerStars Tournament #693520916, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20 USD
2881 players
Total Prize Pool: $5762.00 USD
Tournament started 2013/02/26 22:15:00 CET [2013/02/26 16:15:00 ET]

Dear ProBlackbird,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 909.87 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Winning hand:

PokerStars – WBCOOP 2013

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Hello everyone!

This will be my first posts for a while.
I decide to posts this article and tell you the best moment I had on Pokerstars.
The best and fun moment when they running milestones I never actually hit but it was fun to grind the PLO cash game, have make some down and up swings but eventually end up losing a bit.
I always want to entering big games like Sunday Million but I never had a bankroll, I felt I have done many mistakes with my bankroll.
For real the best moment was Micro-Millions, cheapest league season but I’m going to try to make a roll to entering the big events like WCOOP & SCOOP.
I want to entering them at least one lifetime.

” Daily Updates ”

” When you realize you mistakes you can improve yourself ”

I probably was very stupid to not realize this mistakes, next month I got many ideas and the blogs will update regularly, not only about Poker but other personal thinks.


Alexander Sandell / ProBlackbird

Poker & Tera

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I will go semi-hardcore so there will be mosly be only Poker & Tera Online, but that doesn’t mean I will play other games and do some other stuffs than this.
I have been taking off with Poker becuase of my loss so I start again with it couple of days ago so going to be fun to play again.

In headstart my Castanic Slayer is level 26, going for max cap in headstart that is level 38 so going to be fun, after that will try get the awesome gears from the instances.

I’m done for today

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I’m really done with Poker for today, I will keep losing my money if I continue so better take a break, I can’t avoid the lost I usually do every sundays, whatever gl to all donkies that are still playing.

I will try relax by watching anime and play games.

Sorry for being late !! More updates is coming

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Sundays is not really my day, but what should I do?
I will play Poker and probably will watch anime.
All big guarantee money is on sunday but still I have to try every sundays for those big tournaments.
For 2 days straight I have actually made some money but yesterday I never had the chance to have big stacks but still could get ITM.
I haven’t done for a while so was really happy.

” You can’t accomplish anything without hard work ”

P.S: I bought a new digital camera 2 days ago

I will report back when I’m done for today.

Sunday – Poker All Night

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Sorry for not haven’t been updated my blog lately!

But today I was thinking of all night Poker grinding, but still a bit afraid of the storm outside.
I hope today I can play well and turn my luck over 200% and take down my tournaments.
With that money I can pay off my bills, buy new computer etcs.
New computer monitors should be awesome too so I can multi table grinding a lot of tables.