Anime & Poker Updated

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I was thinking to watch some anime and play Poker, once again it seem like my internet connecting went badly again since it won’t stream like it did before.
What is going on with my internet recently? 😦
Maybe I should changed the Internet to somewhere else.

Gaming or Poker

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I have recently spending a lot of time playing Poker here, haven’t gaming so much games recently.
Too bad Eden Eternal still in Closed Beta, it’s an interesting Anime MMORPG that you can change classes whenever you want.
You have to level up to unlocked more classes.
So far Ranger looks the hardest to get.
If I am become more interesting of gaming, going to decreased my time playing Poker.
I haven’t play Pangya recently, try to learn the basic of caculating in that game.

This is one of the 2 games I will still continue as MAIN.

Eden Eternal –
Pangya –

Dead blog, now revived

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I haven’t been updated lately so was thinking to begin to revive my blog again so everyone that come here want to read what is going on.

There is almost going to be another year so you need to something, going to begin to write reviews, walkthrought and my experiences.

I am also going to think to add tips/tricks in the menu.

Not only going to do that.

I was thinking to updated About section.

Hosting an online poker tournament for them that are playing Online Poker.

This is something you have to looking forward next year.

This year I have spend a lot with Online Poker, so haven’t been much of gaming but that will get changed next year.