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I have finally finish Cross Channel Visual Novel, it was interesting, sad and heartbreakers.
The title said everything.
[Google for your best picture] – You can get this visual novel here
Check it when the site is still alive.

Aaeru disappearing.
Fuwa Realm died.

South in Sweden the weather is horrible, a storm has rise.

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Today weather is horrible, heavy wind and rain.
Class 3 warning here in south of Sweden.
There will not be any Poker grind today or gaming.
I need to get my ramen done and take it easy and watch anime and continue watching Q.E.D. Japanese Drama
I probably will continue reading Cross Channel after all this.

I will try catch up with everything tommorow.

26/10-27/10 – Weekend Plans + Updates

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This is my first updates for a while, so going to post plans for the weekend.
For the future plans and other updates will come later.
I kind of lazy though so it could take weeks or even months. (^_^)
Well, I’m sure it will work out in the end, have been hard to follow on a plan whenever I make it, but I will try put more effort this time.

Poker Updates:

I have deposit around $170 on Pokerstars and have also deposit $20 on Full Tilt Poker.
This weekend I will focus on Poker.

Gaming Updates:

Unfortunately I have to put on-hold on Dragon Nest EU, but I will move back on the game when I feel I need a break on Poker.
The game itself feel casual, you level up quick too.
I don’t really know though, maybe it just from the beginning.
I play OSU! once in a while.

Other Updates:

Like my every day life, I will continue watching on-going anime, reading manga & Light Novel, read visual novel, watch japanese drama.
I need to put on work-out schedule too, just sitting at the front computer every days it’s not really good for your health.
Working on to improve my memories with some brain exercise.

Harukoi Otome [Completed]

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It took me a while to finish this visual novel, but I finally end it with Sonya route.

– All Clear –

Aoi Shiro [Completed]

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ImageIt was quite a while I’m been posting so guess I update my blog with this.
Today I finish grand route for the game (final one).
I like Shouko (Main character) but the CGs were all right. The story were ok.
Some of the routes were not bad but something were missing I guess I would give it overall 7/10.

If My Heart Had Wings [Completed]

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Today I completed all routes for If my Heart Had Wings Visual Novel, great VN.
Recommend everyone to play it.

Review may come soon

OSU! (Rhythm Game)

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Few hours ago I got a few online friends invited me into Rhythm Game call OSU! A different type of rhythm game when you are using your mouse or your fingers if you play with your smartphone.
It was really tough from beginning since I didn’t do any research or anything so I tried to play without tutorials.
I played for an couple of hours of practice and it’s a game I could play for a long time, got a little addicted to it.

I would like you to visit my profile ProBlackbird , do not forget to add me as friend. Let play together sometimes. I’m a newbie right now but I probably will quickly improve myself like I does in every rhythm game we will see.
I already have some feedback about this game, you need to have some amazing reactions and move madness with your mouse because the game is so hardcore.

Let’s play OSU!