49th place in $12k – PokerStars

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PokerStars Tournament # 402010486, No Limit Holdem
Purchase: $ 2.00 / $ 0.20 USD
11 402 players
Total Prize Pool: $ 22804.00 USD
The tournament started 2011-01-15 19:45:00 CET [2011-01-15 13:45:00 ET]

Hello ProBlackbird

You finished the tournament in 49th place. Price U.S. $ 33.06 has been credited to your the Real Money Account.

You earned 206.27 ranking points for the TLB in this tournament. For information on our TLB, visit our Web site at http://www.pokerstars.com/sv/poker/tournaments/leader-board/


UB Facebook FR

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I’m suprised that I won a seat into $25k Sniper [Saturday], was card dead a bit in the end and slightly went up with chips.

When it was final table I was last place but waiting for hands and finally got a hand so I can going up.

When it was only 3 players left I push all in every time but won all of them lol, didn’t expect that would happend.

It was a nice game.

A while ago after this tournament start I also came 6th place in Scandinavia $100 Freeroll in FTP and won $5 , quite happy about that.

Also I came 5th place in private games and won $2 in UB but lose that $2 very quickly in a tourney that start 19.30 ET in UB, didn’t actually play much.

The Result for todays UB Facebook FR

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    Blackbird aka Alexander Sandell

    Dead blog, now revived

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    I haven’t been updated lately so was thinking to begin to revive my blog again so everyone that come here want to read what is going on.

    There is almost going to be another year so you need to something, going to begin to write reviews, walkthrought and my experiences.

    I am also going to think to add tips/tricks in the menu.

    Not only going to do that.

    I was thinking to updated About section.

    Hosting an online poker tournament for them that are playing Online Poker.

    This is something you have to looking forward next year.

    This year I have spend a lot with Online Poker, so haven’t been much of gaming but that will get changed next year.