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Epic Seven (Mobile)
Final Fantasy XV (RPG)
Closers (MMO)
Sora no Kiseki The 3rd
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [st] (Fighting)
Illusion of Time (RPG)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (2nd playthrough)
Mahjong Soul

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Under One Wing
Da Capo II ~Dearest Marriage~
Da Capo III
D.S. i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future

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Sen no Kiseki
Sen no Kiseki II
Sen no Kiseki III
Sen no Kiseki IV
Octopath Traveler
One Finger Death Punch



[2018-11-01] Zero no Kiseki (1st playthrough) – Fun game and like combat system, good plot and Kea is lovely. Rated: 8/10 – RPG (Played on PC)
[2018-11-21] Ao no Kiseki (1st playthrough)- Improved combat system with team rush make it also easy and in enjoyable at same time. Kea is so adorable. Rated: 9/10 – RPG (Played on PC)
[2018-12-04] Sora no Kiseki FC (1st playthrough) – Good plot with great soundtracks. enjoy it to maximum with full voice (EVO) even with broken game balance is still great game. – Rated: 7/10 – RPG (Played on PC)

[2019-01-29] NekoMiko (VN) – A short VN with only 2 cute cat girls as main heroine, it could had been better if they had put more efforts into it, but it’s cute so it’s all right – Rated: 4/10
[2019-02-03] Hello,good-bye (VN) – It’s annoyed me when you couldn’t end background voice while fast reading, but that itself was kind of interesting, great soundstracks and likeable heroines. Suguri my waifu. – Rated 8/10
[2019-02-07] 9 -Nine- Episode 1: Kujou Miyako (VN) – When I read description okay it was like wow it’s supernatural power stuff but that’s ending…. It doesn’t make any sense, gave me a bitter taste. Thought I will read sequel – Rated 3/10
[2019-02-11] Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter (1st playthrough] – Plot is good as always and great soundtracks. Power of miracle. Great Game. – Rated 9/10
[2019-02-14] 9 -Nine- Episode 2: Niimi Sora (VN) – At least it progress much better than first episode. Plan to read sequel – Rated 6/10
[2019-03-16] Sora to Umi ga, Fureau Kanata (VN) – I enjoy it ! A high quality short VN with good heroines and a cute dolphin ^_^ – Rated: 6/10
[2019-03-30] Mogeko Castle – Soo weird and ITEMS were totally useless, weird endings. Rated 2/10
[2019-04-11] A Story about my uncle – Fun game it can be a bit frustrated. It was a bit challenge thought – Rated 6/10
[2019-09-28] Fox Hime Zero – A decent VN that could have potential to be really good, but I guess the end have to leave in imagination. I wish they have a epilogue. – Rated 6/10
[2019-10-02] Untitled Goose Game – Fun game. – Rated 7/10