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A slightly small update

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It was a while since I updated my blog.
I have added a new photo and made some changes to the design.
I tried to crop a picture as header but it just didn’t went well so I gave up on that for now.
Well, that’s it.

Cheers !! gone

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There is no longer needed to keep ShiroMoe blog anymore, so this have been permanently removed.
For later news and updates, I will instead keep it update here, so feel free to subscript to

Happy New Year ! Welcome to Year 2014. (>_<)

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Hello everyone !
I just woke up from my bed and I’m really bored.
I don’t feel like planning anything right now when I still got this headache but I’m definitely not tired.
I will posting my plans for year 2014, but that can wait when I feel like posting, my plans will get update after each progress I done on my goals like an Achievement list.

Sorry, but this will be enough for now.
Time to read my manga, had a few on-going reading and will also laydown on my bed and watch anime.

More updates: -Coming Soon-

South in Sweden the weather is horrible, a storm has rise.

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Today weather is horrible, heavy wind and rain.
Class 3 warning here in south of Sweden.
There will not be any Poker grind today or gaming.
I need to get my ramen done and take it easy and watch anime and continue watching Q.E.D. Japanese Drama
I probably will continue reading Cross Channel after all this.

I will try catch up with everything tommorow.

26/10-27/10 – Weekend Plans + Updates

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This is my first updates for a while, so going to post plans for the weekend.
For the future plans and other updates will come later.
I kind of lazy though so it could take weeks or even months. (^_^)
Well, I’m sure it will work out in the end, have been hard to follow on a plan whenever I make it, but I will try put more effort this time.

Poker Updates:

I have deposit around $170 on Pokerstars and have also deposit $20 on Full Tilt Poker.
This weekend I will focus on Poker.

Gaming Updates:

Unfortunately I have to put on-hold on Dragon Nest EU, but I will move back on the game when I feel I need a break on Poker.
The game itself feel casual, you level up quick too.
I don’t really know though, maybe it just from the beginning.
I play OSU! once in a while.

Other Updates:

Like my every day life, I will continue watching on-going anime, reading manga & Light Novel, read visual novel, watch japanese drama.
I need to put on work-out schedule too, just sitting at the front computer every days it’s not really good for your health.
Working on to improve my memories with some brain exercise.

Get some sleep, no more fish on the table. Poker is everything.

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I have been playing Poker all nights, getting ready to sleep so I can prepare for another run.
I had many downswings toward cash games but have recently been doing good with MTT so I will continue on it.
I will try usually stuff with trying to satellites for my games.

Nobody is perfect, everyone need sleep.

I will try schedule up some MTT & SNG games on Poker later!
It will also be some Mahjong.

Play on or

My Every Day Life is always ending up less interesting, but I still looking for more interesting stuffs in my life but have not yet find it, reading manga & watching anime is just something original and normal for otaku. 
My ordinary life is sleep, eating, poker, reading and etc.
Nothing much really happens, the world is too peaceful.
There is not supernatural stuff like magic & ESP ability that exists just in fictions.
Well, it’s probably not just open for the public.

I guess this is the end of article, hoping you enjoy reading!!
See you again and please subscribe to my blog.


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Updating the blog will be such a pain to do but I try my best to do daily updates, if not daily updates I will try updating frequently. 

Just another boring day. xD

New profile picture at [MAL]

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New profile picture at [MAL]

MyAnimelist profile picture have been changed to this, check my MAL profile by clicking at the picture.

Picking up a Black Rock Shooter background… with…a…Stand out blog…

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Eh! I just pick up a random drawing from my picture album, nothing special about it.


Just to make sure that I update this blog regulary that’s what I have been really lazy to do recently, what you can see I have changes another theme to make it stand out more becuase the other one was too gloomy whatever I randomly picked up Black Rock Shooter background, probably will change it soon becuase some links and texts make it’s eye cancer.
For now everyone get use of this shit. (>_<)

What do you think about the broken english?
I don’t care