OSU! (Rhythm Game)

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Few hours ago I got a few online friends invited me into Rhythm Game call OSU! A different type of rhythm game when you are using your mouse or your fingers if you play with your smartphone.
It was really tough from beginning since I didn’t do any research or anything so I tried to play without tutorials.
I played for an couple of hours of practice and it’s a game I could play for a long time, got a little addicted to it.

I would like you to visit my profile ProBlackbird , do not forget to add me as friend. Let play together sometimes. I’m a newbie right now but I probably will quickly improve myself like I does in every rhythm game we will see.
I already have some feedback about this game, you need to have some amazing reactions and move madness with your mouse because the game is so hardcore.

Let’s play OSU!

Dragon Nest EU – Closed Beta Tommorow!

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Countdown to Closed Beta

We from Europa can finally start playing at our own server without any lags issuer we had when we played at Cherry Credits server (SEA).
The Dragon Nest USA server was ban for outside country, but I know some of them were using proxy to play it after that people start play on SEA server.
I actually play a little in Dragon Nest SEA server but I never was high level but it was fun to play.
Tommorow I will play Dragon Nest EU Closed Beta.
The problem was character name length I actually hope they will fix it here.


Alexander Sandell / ProBlackbird

SuperStar Live Game (Horse Mask)

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SuperStar Live Game (Horse Mask)

Wow doesn’t this mask looks really nice 😀

Lucent Heart – Quick look

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Since I was away for a week in Lucent Heart so took a quick look, now I saw there were a chance to get permanely halloween outfit and some rare pets.
Better give a try later when I refilled BP, wonder how the odds would be.
I play like 10 minutes and didn’t have much exp left to level up to 27.
After I level up I used teleport scroll back in town, need to sell some unneeded stuffs and so on.
Going somehow later work out my level so I can change my class.

Lucent Heart – 2nd week (break time)

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Well, I have been busy with life recently so haven’t been playing much 2nd week so change my goal as break time.
I will probably try better next week, just right now there is a lot of stuffs going on.
I maybe play a bit in the weekend too.

See you in back in Monday!

Chrono Trigger (Final Boss)

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First I did try to start over but the one that are annoying me in that room you going to run clockwise 3 times so I decide to give up and go for my first save, realize I haven’t even killed Black Omen then I finally defeat last boss, lol I almost wonder.
Was this last boss always been so easy to defeat?
I saw a couple of Chrono Trigger DS Youtube video, it’s looks a bit different but still the same game.
Also check out Chrono Trigger 3D game but it seem like Square Enix had canceled that game, no wonder they cancel it.
It doesn’t look so good at all and the story were changed.

Lucent Heart – Reach lvl 26 (1st week)

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Last week I start to play Lucent Heart my goal was to reach lvl 25 but past my goal by one level only.
It’s been really tough to level up from here on, even thought there is bunch of quests.
I try to do as much quests as possible for my level.
My 2nd week goal will probably be over level 33+.
From that picture below is actually lvl 25 armor set & lvl 20 armor set from the Gunner Gacha.
The previous armor set actually looks more nice, but I guess it will better later.
My IGN is 1stBlackbird and play as Gunner.

Lvl 20 Armor Set:

1stBlackbird - Aiming to the Camera, lmao my pocket pet Kira

Lvl 25 Armor Set:
1stBlackbird - Lvl 25 Armor Set

Hope you enjoy reading


Gaming or Poker

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I have recently spending a lot of time playing Poker here, haven’t gaming so much games recently.
Too bad Eden Eternal still in Closed Beta, it’s an interesting Anime MMORPG that you can change classes whenever you want.
You have to level up to unlocked more classes.
So far Ranger looks the hardest to get.
If I am become more interesting of gaming, going to decreased my time playing Poker.
I haven’t play Pangya recently, try to learn the basic of caculating in that game.

This is one of the 2 games I will still continue as MAIN.

Eden Eternal –
Pangya –

ProBlackbird Return to Pangya Island

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A took a long vacation from Pangya and finally back on Pangya Island.

Today I tried new Random Shuffle Tournaments, looking good, realize also they add on powerbars you can see how much you shoot every time you click it.
Pretty cool.
They got Renting store now, but feel kind of useless.
Good for Free Pangya Players that doesn’t used Ntreev points.
I hear you can get 500k pangs if you are lucky on Random Shuffle Tournaments.
I want 500k pangs, enough pangs to upgrade my clubs and stuffs.
I want that x2 EXP events so I can level up fast.

IGN: ProBlackbird

Return to Pangya Island
Return for Season 5!
See you on the course!