Last Exile – ラストエグザイル (Anime)

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Rewatching Last Exile and have watch 20 episodes, there is only 6 episodes more.
It seem like I regained a bit what is going on but still don’t know how the ending will be.

Going to sleep soon I think.

Captain Tsubasa (Soccer Anime)

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Well, there is indeed a lot of flashback & episodes from the same match.
But it’s does looks interesting to watch thought.
Almost finish Shin Captain Tsubasa will soon move to Captain Tsubasa J, but come on 33 summary episodes in J they must be stupid to make a lot of episodes that’s make a bunch of flashbacks.
2 episodes could be flashback but who want to watch 33 episodes flashback at that time.
After Shin Captain Tsubasa I guess he will go to brazil and become a better football player.

Going to watch more anime later today and play some Poker.