Month: June 2013

OSU! (Rhythm Game)

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Few hours ago I got a few online friends invited me into Rhythm Game call OSU! A different type of rhythm game when you are using your mouse or your fingers if you play with your smartphone.
It was really tough from beginning since I didn’t do any research or anything so I tried to play without tutorials.
I played for an couple of hours of practice and it’s a game I could play for a long time, got a little addicted to it.

I would like you to visit my profile ProBlackbird , do not forget to add me as friend. Let play together sometimes. I’m a newbie right now but I probably will quickly improve myself like I does in every rhythm game we will see.
I already have some feedback about this game, you need to have some amazing reactions and move madness with your mouse because the game is so hardcore.

Let’s play OSU!