Month: November 2012

New profile picture at [MAL]

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New profile picture at [MAL]

MyAnimelist profile picture have been changed to this, check my MAL profile by clicking at the picture.

SuperStar Live Game (Horse Mask)

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SuperStar Live Game (Horse Mask)

Wow doesn’t this mask looks really nice 😀

Picking up a Black Rock Shooter background… with…a…Stand out blog…

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Eh! I just pick up a random drawing from my picture album, nothing special about it.


Just to make sure that I update this blog regulary that’s what I have been really lazy to do recently, what you can see I have changes another theme to make it stand out more becuase the other one was too gloomy whatever I randomly picked up Black Rock Shooter background, probably will change it soon becuase some links and texts make it’s eye cancer.
For now everyone get use of this shit. (>_<)

What do you think about the broken english?
I don’t care