Month: March 2012

I’m done for today

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I’m really done with Poker for today, I will keep losing my money if I continue so better take a break, I can’t avoid the lost I usually do every sundays, whatever gl to all donkies that are still playing.

I will try relax by watching anime and play games.

Sorry for being late !! More updates is coming

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Sundays is not really my day, but what should I do?
I will play Poker and probably will watch anime.
All big guarantee money is on sunday but still I have to try every sundays for those big tournaments.
For 2 days straight I have actually made some money but yesterday I never had the chance to have big stacks but still could get ITM.
I haven’t done for a while so was really happy.

” You can’t accomplish anything without hard work ”

P.S: I bought a new digital camera 2 days ago

I will report back when I’m done for today.