Month: February 2012

WBCOOP Best Blogger prize

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What should you do if you won WBCOOP Best Blogger Prize $5000?

When I do win $5000 I will cashout $4000 and keep $1000 bankroll to try win more money, with the money I cashout I will buy a new computer so I can play Online Poker without any problem and a lot of thinks.
I haven’t bought new clothes for years so this will be the chance to buy clothes and other stuffs, becuase of my poor economys and still study my grades in school.
It’s not easy to get a job with these grades but I do try my best.
And with the rest of money I will try help out my family and try to save the money so I can live on my own apartment.


Alexander Sandell (ProBlackbird)

WBCOOP – PokerStars

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I decide to be part of WBCOOP in PokerStars again!
Just pre-register into that and waiting to recieve my ticket.
When the tournaments start I decide to keep updating every tournaments I play in the WBCOOP so looking forward for that.

More updated coming soon