Month: October 2011

Unibet €100 PL Omaha Freeroll (1st place: €18 )

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Nothing much to brag about, wasn’t really actually thinking to play this tournament today but still I did play it and I took it down for a 5 hours run.
I was really happy for €18 euro I won from this freeroll since in the weekend I went both bad and good.
You know what mean.
I didn’t even know why I even bother touching online BlackJack in the merged site, played it 3 times in rows and f*c**ng dealer hit BlackJack, lose $10 thanks for that.
After for some quite loss in Come on! Poker I didn’t make any profite from sunday game when I was playing small private tourney $5.50 with top 3 & $1k tourney that cost me $6.60 totally of $12.10.

It will another week of grinding. ^_^

Result for Unibet €100 PL Omaha Freeroll


It was kind of suprising that I didn’t went chatting while playing a tournament and it went so good too.

I also did won $50 Daily Freeroll couple days ago in ComeOn! Poker

Dead me, slightly revived.

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I’m still got a slightly headache left from my resting, yesterday Poker games I actually did something good for a while, so going try update my blog as fast possible.
I couldn’t even stand up well for my high feber, haven’t got these for years. Eh? Why now. πŸ˜€

Internet Lost?

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Yesterday I didn’t have internet connecting so was away almost the whole day, but when the internet came back in the middle of the night, I stay up 27 hours so couldn’t update my blog becuase I were tired.
I was playing Poker, watching anime & reading manga.
So was quite busy.

Lucent Heart – Quick look

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Since I was away for a week in Lucent Heart so took a quick look, now I saw there were a chance to get permanely halloween outfit and some rare pets.
Better give a try later when I refilled BP, wonder how the odds would be.
I play like 10 minutes and didn’t have much exp left to level up to 27.
After I level up I used teleport scroll back in town, need to sell some unneeded stuffs and so on.
Going somehow later work out my level so I can change my class.

Last Exile – γƒ©γ‚Ήγƒˆγ‚¨γ‚°γ‚Άγ‚€γƒ« (Anime)

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Rewatching Last Exile and have watch 20 episodes, there is only 6 episodes more.
It seem like I regained a bit what is going on but still don’t know how the ending will be.

Going to sleep soon I think.

Anime & Poker Updated

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I was thinking to watch some anime and play Poker, once again it seem like my internet connecting went badly again since it won’t stream like it did before.
What is going on with my internet recently? 😦
Maybe I should changed the Internet to somewhere else.

Captain Tsubasa (Soccer Anime)

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Well, there is indeed a lot of flashback & episodes from the same match.
But it’s does looks interesting to watch thought.
Almost finish Shin Captain Tsubasa will soon move to Captain Tsubasa J, but come on 33 summary episodes in J they must be stupid to make a lot of episodes that’s make a bunch of flashbacks.
2 episodes could be flashback but who want to watch 33 episodes flashback at that time.
After Shin Captain Tsubasa I guess he will go to brazil and become a better football player.

Going to watch more anime later today and play some Poker.