Month: June 2011

74th place in $200k (Party Poker)

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It was an interesting decision I made here.
I got like 15k stacks left the other player push all in.
I was thinking about calling by using Time Bank, had Q9 cloves. I called and he shoved his A2 cloves too.
The flop were all spades no draws for both of us, but flop Ace and got my dominated, unlikely I would win in both Turn and River.
It was fun and exicted.


74th place and won around $400

3rd place in $3500 (Luvin Poker)

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Finally I actually could win some money in Poker haven’t done good for months.
Buy in: $22
This is my best result.
Yesterday I end up cashing a lot of tournaments too.
I hope this still continue.

3rd place: $580.25 😀

Screenshots Result:

3rd place: $580.25 (Luvin Poker)

Gaming or Poker

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I have recently spending a lot of time playing Poker here, haven’t gaming so much games recently.
Too bad Eden Eternal still in Closed Beta, it’s an interesting Anime MMORPG that you can change classes whenever you want.
You have to level up to unlocked more classes.
So far Ranger looks the hardest to get.
If I am become more interesting of gaming, going to decreased my time playing Poker.
I haven’t play Pangya recently, try to learn the basic of caculating in that game.

This is one of the 2 games I will still continue as MAIN.

Eden Eternal –
Pangya –