Another Bad Beats – Got my $50 on Titan Poker

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Well I shouldn’t register for $100k guaranteed with so a lot of bad beats I had on yesterday afternoon, but I really want to play this and try earning my back my bankroll on Pokerstars, but instead I lose everything, this is going to be hard now to get back a bankroll on Pokerstars. 😦

In Full Tilt Poker I also lose all my tournaments, doesn’t make any progness expect on a freeroll.

The bankroll now is $5.10.

From beginning I had over $60 last week.

That doesn’t stop me to play.

Let’s see if I can build up my bankroll again on SNG tables.

Anyway I got my $50 Bankroll on Titan Poker, going to used it wisely.

It will take around 48 hours to cash out from FTP thought so if I can win something big I really want to transfering something to PokerStars.

So going try looking for a Trade.

Faster & The Best

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