Fall Asleep, but woke up again.

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Yeah I am getting tired for every 4-5 hours sleep, was thinking to go to sleep again soon or play some quick SNG.
I came 9th place in PL Omaha $1500 Rush in FTP and won around $51, was kind of shortstacks so push all my stack with a pretty good hand but got donk out.
Anyway going to try grind more Steps SNG on FTP, need steps 6 ticket before FTOPS Main Event Start, going also try qualify for Knockout tourney.
I haven’t qualify in any SCOOP tournaments for the moment, but was thinking to try that later.
I just send in my document of ID card and can now deposited and cashout.
Going to change password of the most important sites.
That’s include every Poker Sites I am going to play right now, getting hack again that’s what I don’t want.
Going to increased security on PS & FTP, going to be such a pain but better than getting hack and losing money.

Check out tommorow for more daily updates.

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