Cash Game Bad Beats both on FTP & PS

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What a night I got after I took down a ticket in $26 Frenzy with a buy-in $6.50, played some cash game after that. I went on a PL 5-draw, play $0.25/$.50 bought me in for $20.
I got a hand K10K10. Draw one hit. Another 10 got a boat. I raise. He reraise. I push it I got call by a quad.
-$20 on Pokerstars.
Now on Full Tilt Poker.
I were playing $0.25/$0.50 shallow tables there your stacks start with $20, I think it was so I decide to maximum buy-in. All right after sitting some card dead. I finally took back some money with AK vs JJ. I won that one.
After some hands I raise x3 got reraise by a Brazil player by $6.50 more.
I went all in!
He called me and showdown AK vs 66.
This is 2nd time I saw a stupid Brazil player, took down by a luckbox.
My luck wasn’t any good.
We both hits nothing and he won with his pair.
After that I also had a runner straight draw, got many outs but never hits.
Lost -$20 on FTP.
I decide to play that $30k Guaranteed KO Tournament that is 15.00 ET.
Today Afternoon I am going try taking it back what I lost today morning/night whatever.

More updates coming up soon.

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