Play quick tournament, sleep soon (FTP)

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Play some Rush and getting donk out, very silly of me.
KK vs 44.
I can’t believe he call me with pocket 4, what a douchebag but you get used of it.
He flop trips.
I play also some few tournaments too, going to sleep soon.
Going finish off my cash game after I made over $0.70 cents, doing the easy Chris bankroll management, but doesn’t seem to pass $0.70 , did already pass once on my first table, sitting on 2nd table.
Trying do some profite.
I was thinking to go playing Intertops $3k Easter Egg but I think I will skip that and go to sleep, have been walking all days today.
Play some Live Blackjack & Live Cash Game.
Won 1800 SEK on Blackjack & 400 SEK on Cash Game.

Might as well going to watch a little anime before I go to sleep.
Done $0.78 1st table 2nd table $0.97.
I start both table minimum $0.70

Posting more tommorow!!

Good night

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