Start over in Poker, reborn a new life.

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For the past weeks I have been not being updated in my blog, but this will get changed this coming monday.

I will start working out my bankroll in Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker & Party Poker, most of them.
Yes those three largest poker sites, maybe Party Poker is largest now when Pokerstars & Full Tilt Poker got shut down by F.B.I.   Anyway I will keep staying in PS & FTP

I will deposit my first on Intertops to be part of $1k Deposited Freeroll and joining tommorow $3k Easter Egg tournament, might be a good idea, they usually not getting so much people there.

If I cashed in $3k Easter Egg Tournament and $1k Deposited Freeroll I would withdrawn  most of it and keep $50 on my bankroll there, since sunday 1k is quite low with people so worth take the chance, of course I will keep playing the freeroll satellites.
When I got the chance I will try play those $15k & $25k guaranteed that are every sunday on Cake Network
The Poker sites I will stay on Cake Network is Cake Poker, Intertops & Come on Poker rest of them will be uninstalled such as Power Poker & Victory Poker.

I have been stuck on Micros in 2 years now and haven’t progness any further, it will get changed now when I add up some goals.
Those 2 years of Online Poker, I got experiences of bad beats, reading pattern and so on.
I have bene playing Live Poker with my friends, but I think I suck that time so will try go to a Local Casino.

Age:20+ in Swedish Local Casino, the casino call Casino Cosmopol

I don’t know other casino here in Sweden but I think this one is the best out there, the closest one from here is Malmö so need to take train and bus to reach my destination.
What I know there is a beginner tournament that is every thursday cost 100 SEK, that’s around $15.
I wonder if I am going to wasted my money to take part of this tournament this coming week.
Might be a good experiences to play in this live tournament.

Now is time for merged site that I will keep staying on.
That’s is Carbon Poker, FeltStars & OverBet.
Just those three for now.
Bodog & UB/AP.
Everest Poker.

Till I got myself a new computer that’s is on-stay is all micro gaming sites, Titan Poker and rest.
Begin to be interesting in 24h Poker, 888Poker & Svenska Spel.
All other client that’s not named here will be uninstalled.

The Archievement section going to be up soon, there I put up some goals, what I have been accomplished, failed and so on.
About will get change to Profile.
Poker is more than hobbie to me, now I focus 90% in Poker.
Every Poker players that focus 100% his life on Poker.
Dreams to become a professional player and earn fame and honor.

What can I said: All in & Ship it all

Come back tommorow, a new updated will be posted by noon GMT timezone.

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