Month: April 2011

99 vs 1010 out in $30k guaranteed KO Tourney (FTP)

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Well the 1st place was $9810, told myself that was a great 1st place, but what with these card dead?
I am keep waiting for hands like forever, finally I got 99.
Seriously I had to push with it
I had to, end up 350th place something.
I am not really sure.
ITM was 234th place I think, but totally failed.

How can I end up against pocket 10?
I played well, I don’t think I made any misstakes.
In the tournament I think the luck went against me here. 😀

FTP: UnknownPoker

$30k guaranteed KO tourney (FTP)

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After I take something to eat, will get ready for $300k guaranteed KO tourney that I got staked on 15.00 ET / 21.00 CET , already feel my stomach need food so I can think clearly.
Going pick up my Red bull too.

Ready for some Action

Rail me:

FTP: UnknownPoker

See you on table!

ProBlackbird Return to Pangya Island

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A took a long vacation from Pangya and finally back on Pangya Island.

Today I tried new Random Shuffle Tournaments, looking good, realize also they add on powerbars you can see how much you shoot every time you click it.
Pretty cool.
They got Renting store now, but feel kind of useless.
Good for Free Pangya Players that doesn’t used Ntreev points.
I hear you can get 500k pangs if you are lucky on Random Shuffle Tournaments.
I want 500k pangs, enough pangs to upgrade my clubs and stuffs.
I want that x2 EXP events so I can level up fast.

IGN: ProBlackbird

Return to Pangya Island
Return for Season 5!
See you on the course!

Another Bad Beats – Got my $50 on Titan Poker

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Well I shouldn’t register for $100k guaranteed with so a lot of bad beats I had on yesterday afternoon, but I really want to play this and try earning my back my bankroll on Pokerstars, but instead I lose everything, this is going to be hard now to get back a bankroll on Pokerstars. 😦

In Full Tilt Poker I also lose all my tournaments, doesn’t make any progness expect on a freeroll.

The bankroll now is $5.10.

From beginning I had over $60 last week.

That doesn’t stop me to play.

Let’s see if I can build up my bankroll again on SNG tables.

Anyway I got my $50 Bankroll on Titan Poker, going to used it wisely.

It will take around 48 hours to cash out from FTP thought so if I can win something big I really want to transfering something to PokerStars.

So going try looking for a Trade.

Faster & The Best

Bankroll Gone on PS, $55 Big Ticket Win! Play tommorow or Sunday!

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PokerStars Tournament #388745927, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20 USD
145 players
$1090.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $1380.00 USD
Tournament started 2011/04/27 20:00:00 CET [2011/04/27 14:00:00 ET]

Dear ProBlackbird,

You finished the tournament in 12th place.

You have won an admission ticket to ‘The Big $55’. This ticket allows you to participate only in a tournament of this type. Tickets are not redeemable for cash or Tournament US Dollars; if you register and then unregister from the tournament, your ticket will be returned.

Cash Game Bad Beats both on FTP & PS

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What a night I got after I took down a ticket in $26 Frenzy with a buy-in $6.50, played some cash game after that. I went on a PL 5-draw, play $0.25/$.50 bought me in for $20.
I got a hand K10K10. Draw one hit. Another 10 got a boat. I raise. He reraise. I push it I got call by a quad.
-$20 on Pokerstars.
Now on Full Tilt Poker.
I were playing $0.25/$0.50 shallow tables there your stacks start with $20, I think it was so I decide to maximum buy-in. All right after sitting some card dead. I finally took back some money with AK vs JJ. I won that one.
After some hands I raise x3 got reraise by a Brazil player by $6.50 more.
I went all in!
He called me and showdown AK vs 66.
This is 2nd time I saw a stupid Brazil player, took down by a luckbox.
My luck wasn’t any good.
We both hits nothing and he won with his pair.
After that I also had a runner straight draw, got many outs but never hits.
Lost -$20 on FTP.
I decide to play that $30k Guaranteed KO Tournament that is 15.00 ET.
Today Afternoon I am going try taking it back what I lost today morning/night whatever.

More updates coming up soon.

Fall Asleep, but woke up again.

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Yeah I am getting tired for every 4-5 hours sleep, was thinking to go to sleep again soon or play some quick SNG.
I came 9th place in PL Omaha $1500 Rush in FTP and won around $51, was kind of shortstacks so push all my stack with a pretty good hand but got donk out.
Anyway going to try grind more Steps SNG on FTP, need steps 6 ticket before FTOPS Main Event Start, going also try qualify for Knockout tourney.
I haven’t qualify in any SCOOP tournaments for the moment, but was thinking to try that later.
I just send in my document of ID card and can now deposited and cashout.
Going to change password of the most important sites.
That’s include every Poker Sites I am going to play right now, getting hack again that’s what I don’t want.
Going to increased security on PS & FTP, going to be such a pain but better than getting hack and losing money.

Check out tommorow for more daily updates.